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An Upgraded User Experience for CROWN's websites, apps and platforms

In 2022, CROWN initiated a large technology upgrade to our web properties with speed and security improvements.
Our websites now feature infinity scroll and the introduction of new ad formats. Upgrades to CROWN Singapore and Malaysia were rolled out in Q2 and Q3, 2022. CROWN Indonesia and Vietnam were updated in December 2022 and January 2023 respectively. 
We’re also thrilled to finally showcase our new branded app for CROWN Magazine. Available for iOS and Android, it makes reading our content simple and convenient, and offers added accessibility and usability benefits. These include font colour and sizing options, article bookmarking and the ability to listen to the entire articles podcast-style (an industry-first branded-app experience in Singapore). Digital Magazine Subscriptions will be sold directly through the app, as well as on a brand-new Digital Subscriptions Store linked to our website. 
Lastly, with the increased demand for CROWN’s magazine titles, we have been working hard to distribute to more people and more newsstands around the world. CROWN is now available on Press Reader from December 2023, in addition to Zinio and Magzter. Being the world’s largest B2B digital magazine distributor, Press Reader allows us to deliver CROWN digitally to additional airport lounges, airplane and hotel entertainment systems around the world. 

Be sure to look out for us on your next travel adventure!

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